In the U.S., we have over 3,600 infant deaths per year due to preventable means such as unsafe sleep environments.

Louisiana ranks 48 out of 50 in infant mortality, we want that to change. Observe these simple steps to eliminate 100% of the risk factors for preventable infant death from an unsafe sleep environment. This video is produced as a collaboration between the Calcasieu Parish Coroner's Office and LOPA in the hopes of decreasing the number of preventable infant deaths.

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LOPA collaborates with all Louisiana parish coroners and the Louisiana State Coroners Association in support of our efforts to save and enhance lives. Building these strong partnerships help us ensure quality throughout the donation process, and service to the families that give and receive the Gift of Life through organ, eye and tissue donation.

Non-hospital death referrals by coroner offices, along with assistance when required in hospital initiated referrals, maximize opportunities for healing transplantation. LOPA takes a hands-on approach to education initiatives relative to coroner practices and procedures, implements effective communication plans with coroners’ offices, partners for donation awareness campaigns, and provides a dedicated staff for coroner needs.

Through LOPA’s Coroner subcommittee, which was established in 2010, LOPA staff, coroners and investigators work together to ensure each family has the opportunity to donate, while preserving evidence in order for coroners to determine manner and cause of death. Our collaborative efforts help LOPA strive to meet our goal of zero denials. This committee plays an integral role in not only involving coroners in hospital education, but also facilitating and steering statewide coroner continuing education, namely through the annual Coroner Collaborative.