Thank you for taking time to learn about how you can get involved with LOPA. There are two ways the public can support LOPA, financial contributions and volunteering your time with LOPA/Donate Life Louisiana (DLL). Our volunteers play a vital role in promoting the Louisiana Organ & Tissue Donor Registry and raising awareness about the need for more registered donors. We welcome your commitment to help by volunteering your ideas, your talents and your time. We hope you will help us identify new opportunities to raise donor awareness – your place of business, your church, your community group, your civic organization, your school, etc. All of our community events are coordinated through the LOPA Community Educators.

There are over 122,000 individuals in the United States depending on a grieving family to say yes to donation. The task of spreading donor awareness is enormous! Sometimes the best way to deliver our life-saving message is to hear it from someone who has lived, or is living, through the journey of donation and/or transplantation - your personal story of sacrifice as a donor family; your success story as a transplant recipient; your story of waiting on a transplant; or your tragic story of your loved one who died while waiting on their second chance at life.

Libbie Harrison, donor mom of Justin Harrison and LOPA Family Services Coordinator, has expressed what volunteering for LOPA did for her. "Over twelve years ago, I made a phone call to LOPA to inquire about volunteering. Since then, I have had the honor of sharing my son, Justin's, heroism with anyone who will listen. Volunteering gives me purpose. It gives me the opportunity to talk about Justin - to do something for him - it helps me breathe.”

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