Strategic Plan

LOPA has developed a strategic action plan in order to lend credibility to the agency, be sure important details are not overlooked, to understand what is possible for the agency to accomplish, to assure efficient operations and allocation of resources and to create accountability.

The Strategic Action Plan will be communicated at staff meetings annually and will be available on the organization’s website. It will be reviewed by Board members bi-annually.

 This Strategic Action Plan was created and approved by the Executive Team. To start the process, the team reviewed the agency core purpose, core values, business definition and the strategic plan to determine alignment. This action plan determines:

  • What action occurs

  • Who is responsible for completion of each action

  • When it is expected to be completed

  • The type activity to determine resource:

  • Service Delivery – requires capital, personnel, time

  • Human Resources – requires personnel, time

  • Resource Development – requires personnel, time

  • How and to whom this plan will be communicated

 The success of this action plan will be determined by considering:

  • Are we doing what we planned?

  • Are we doing it well?

  • Is what we are doing advancing the Core Purpose of the agency?

The Executive Team reviews this action plan bi-monthly and updates the plan as needed. These changes are communicated to senior leaders and the Board of Directors as appropriate.