William Webster

My name is William ‘Stacey’ Isadore Webster, and I am a miracle. My belief is that we are put on this earth for a reason, some of us will find it, some of us will not. I was married at 16, in the military at 17, fought in Vietnam, jumped out of airplanes, crawled through tunnels looking and fighting a war. I spent 20 years in the military; I have crossed the bridge of no return many times in my life. Then, one day, I was handed the news – my running and jumping days are over, my heart said, "I can’t take anymore.” So, my bride of 53 years and my 4 children were given the news, together we absorbed the news that happens to other people, but not to us. As the doctors prepared us, I was accepted into the transplant program, which could take years, or never happen. I counted my blessings and prayed that I had accomplished the task the Almighty had chosen me for. Little was I to know that, 300 miles away, in 53 days another miracle was forming; my savior on earth – Stacey – offered her heart to me. Some people might say you received her heart because of the match, some say God, some say accident of fate.

William and Stacey

William and Stacey

I know how much Stacey’s family loved her and I do not profess to love her more, but I spend all my time with Stacey. I carry a heart in my pocket and have a picture in my wallet. I am constantly talking to her and have put my stethoscope on our heart to hear her louder.

Where Stacey and I are going has yet to be seen. As I stated, I believe we are all put on this earth to accomplish something, some of us will find it, some of us will not. Apparently, I have not found my mission, so Stacey and I will continue to travel. WE will always be looking for an opportunity to do good. If we find it, maybe that’s what we were put here for.

Stacey is not only my guardian angel; she donated her body so that others may live. And in my opinion, as a retired military service man, this makes her eligible for the highest honor, The Congressional Medal of Honor. When asked where do donors go, there is only one answer – HEAVEN. (Christ was a donor)