Karus Leonard, Sr.

29 Year Old Second Chance!!!!

Early one Sunday morning in the month of April, 2011, Karus Leonard Sr. was getting prepared to go to church. While getting ready, he began to take seriously ill. He was rushed to the local hospital where he was told he would have to undergo emergency gall bladder surgery. During the gall bladder surgery, a biopsy was performed also on his liver. After the surgery, Karus Leonard Sr. was diagnosed with end stage liver disease due to Hepatitis C infection and severe cirrhosis (stage 4).

Karus Leonard

Karus Leonard

He was told that the only treatment was that he would need a liver transplant fast. He began to emote and cry after the news was given to him as his focal thought was about dying and leaving his family. His son, Karus Jr. said, "Don't cry, Daddy. Let's pray.” Karus Jr. sincerely asked GOD to heal his daddy. Once he finished his prayer, Karus Sr. had no other choice but to believe because his son believed.

He had just started a new job and insurance wasn't available. After going to a free clinic for months and still unable to get on transplant list, Karus's sicknesses began to worsen. The ascites build-up in the abdomen became critical. Doctors performed a procedure called Paracentesis, a process used to remove fluid.

In October 2011, he received a call from Willis-Knighton Transplant Clinic, Shreveport, LA, to come and get evaluate to see if he would be a candidate for transplant. After successful completion of the evaluation, he was placed on transplant list on December 6, 2011. Sixteen days later on December 22, 2011 Karus Leonard Sr. received the call: "a liver is available for you”. On December 23, 2011, Karus Leonard Sr. had a successful transplant. On December 31, 2011, Karus was released from Willis-Knighton Hospital to start home recovery.

Having an organ transplant is a major medical procedure.” One of the things I enjoy is seeing people's faces when I tell them I had recent had a liver transplant. Their eyes get big and jaws drop. They are amazed that I'm walking around and feeling great,” says Karus.

He had a lot of support from family, church, friends, and the staff of Willis-Knighton Transplant Clinic. This transplant is a rebirth for him because it allows him a second chance to be there for his wife, Tasheka, and his two children, Kirstan 10; and Karus Jr., 7. He gives all praises to GOD and thanks to the family of the donor.

Karus Leonard is a 31 year old African American male, who have spent the last 9 years in customer service. He a musician at his church Bethel Baptist Church in Monroe, Louisiana. His hobbies includes: piano playing, cooking, and spending time with family. He married to Tasheka Leonard (29) for four years and they have two beautiful kids Kirstan (10) and Karus Jr (7). Karus motto is "Put GOD first and HE will direct your path.”