Quilt Row 4-Square 2-Travis Rhodes

Row 4

Square 2


March 11, 1970 – August 6, 2003

LSU Helmet #45

The colors purple and gold are for his favorite team and favorite sport – LSU Football.  Travis loved playing football, watching it or going to LSU football games whenever he could.  He even took his son Taylor to his first LSU Tailgating party when he was just 6 months old.  He loved the game and his son that he wanted to bring the two together.

One night at home, Travis and I were watching the movie “Rudy” starring Sean Aston as a very short but determined football player.  His number was 45.  Travis was also very short in height  (5’ 6”) but tall in determination, pride and full of life and when he was about 25 he played flag football for Cellular One in Baton Rouge.  His number would also be #45.   I remember when he played his first football game, I had a cookie bouquet delivered to Cellular One (his employer at the time) and it was a teddy bear football player with the #45. He was so embarrassed to have a cookie bouquet delivered to his work, that I don’t think he ever forgave me for that!

4 Wheelers and Brother In Law

Travis loved to ride 4 wheelers, especially fast four wheelers.  The faster the better was his way of thinking.   Travis and my brother Neil went camping and 4 wheeler riding several times over the years and became best friends as well.  They would call each other “brother in law” and the name just stuck in the entire family.  He was no longer called Travis; it was either Brother In Law or T – Rav.  My brother has such wonderful memories of their time together in the woods, racing and having lots of fun!

Hunting and Fishing

Travis loved hunting as a teenager and loved fishing just as much as most women love to shop. He loved to hunt but never seemed to have enough time to go or either fishing was more important to him.  At the age of 22, he bought his first boat – A Skeeter.  He was very proud of this boat but he was never completely satisfied with it.  So at 25, he bought a brand new 19ft Blazer with a 200 Mercury EFI on the back.  Being the cost conscious person that he was, he ordered the trailer, boat, and motor separately since it was much cheaper that way.  The boat was ordered from Florida and when they called him to tell him it made it to the manufacturer, he and I took off work that Friday morning and drove down to Florida to pick it up.  Now most of the time, they ship these boats, but because of the shipping costs and his excitement, we left around 3:00 a.m. in the morning to get there when Blazer would be opening their doors.  I don’t think I can ever recall a bigger smile on his face before that day.  He fished as often as possible and every time that he went out in it, the minute it was out of the water, it was getting wiped down with spray on wax.  He had that boat for 8 years and I guarantee it was in show room floor condition when he sold it to buy the race boat.

The Race Boat

Since the age of 24, Travis has always wanted to race boats in some form or fashion.  Speed was in his blood and he had a knack for driving boats.  A friend of ours raced boats down on False River for several years and every June we would go watch him race.  After the 2nd year of going to the races, Travis sat me down and told me his life long desire was to be a boat racer.  I agreed that he should fulfill his dream and try it out.  Travis sold his most prized possession – his Blazer boat to buy this new race boat that had filled his heart with passion.  The transaction happened on July 14th, 2003.  He practiced several times in his newly acquired race boat until his tragic accident on August 6, 2003.  He passed away doing something he loved with all his heart with the 2 people he loved the most standing by.  I’m very proud of him for pursuing his dream of racing that boat but for also making the decision to be a tissue donor one year before he died.  He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.