Quilt Row 4-Square 3-Jason Moody

Row 4

Square 3


My Miracle Child

When I was about in my seventeenth week of pregnancy I was put into the hospital because the doctors thought I was going to miscarry.  They put me in a private room on the same floor where women had just had their babies.  A nurse came into my room around midnight to check on me. Not that this matters now, but she was a big, black woman in a white nurses dress.  She asked me a few questions, and then she put her hands on my stomach to check my condition.  The next thing she told me was that everything was going to be alright, and my son was going to grow up and be a man of God.  Gary and I had wanted a child for so long we had been married a little over six years when I conceived Jason.  They had released me the next morning, but before I left I inquired about the nurse that had come into my room.  The nurses informed me at that time that nobody with my description worked at night.  I truly believed that she was an Angel sent from God to let me know that everything would be alright.

By the time that Jason turned a little over a year old he could talk complete sentences.  People would be amazed at what would come out of his mouth.  Sometimes he would come up with some information that I know we never told him about, and I would ask him where he heard it from and he would tell me, “God told me”.  God was a major part of his life, and the most ironic this is we were not going to church at that time.

By the time Jason was seven we had been to our present church about a year.  Jason wanted to talk to the Pastor.  Our Pastor never turned down any child that wanted to talk to him.  Jason had never shared with me about wanting to talk to the Pastor.  When I came out of Sunday School the Pastor asked me into his office so he could talk to Jason.  Jason told him that he knew he was a sinner, and that he had asked Jesus into his heart.  The Pastor was satisfied that Jason knew what he was talking about.  Jason loved going to Church and Sunday School.  The last few months of his life if I wasn’t going to go to church he asked me to drop him off and come pick him back up. I always obliged him if I could.  

Jason was mischievous, but always in a funny sort of way.  Even when he pulled one of his pranks, like getting me Dr. Pepper (which I cannot stand) instead of coke, he always had that laughed about him that you really could not get too upset with.  Jason loved video games, reading, snakes, dinosaurs and fantasy.  He loved what was outdoors, like camping, which is why he loved being in the Boy Scouts.  Two weeks before he died he had found out that his Eagle Project had been approved.

My miracle happened again when Jason had taken a turn for the worse the morning of May 29, 2006 (Memorial Day).  The hospital had called at 3:15 a.m. and told us to get there as soon as we could.  Jason’s brain started swelling, and they could not do anymore for him.  I was sitting in a chair holding his hand, and this word of knowledge came to me.  It was only two words Organ Donation, but I knew it had come from Our Lord, Jesus Christ because we had never talked about Organ Donation before with Jason or each other.  I also know that God was behind it because unbeknown to us his doctor was a Christian woman who had been praying that whole week that we would donate his organs.  She could not approach us about it but through prayer at the right time I knew what I had to do.

Through Jason’s tragic death a lot of people are living because I listened to God’s inner calling.  I know in my heart that one or more of the people he touched through his gift that they are the man of God that the Angel Nurse had told me about 17 ½ years earlier.  Almost two years later, I still miss Jason everyday, but I know that he is looking down on us and watching over us for the day we will all be brought back together again.

We miss you Jason.