Quilt Row 5-Square 3-James Rayner

Row 5

Square 3


Jamie will always be in our hearts. He made such a huge impact on our lives as well as others.  He was in an auto wreck in July 1998 was left paralyzed from his chest down. He was so head strong with his ways that he went to Vo-tech and completed top of his class in computer science and had started to work 3 weeks and then he had an aneurism.  He was pronounced brain dead on February 18, 2002 – He then became a donor.  But through him his liver recipient still lives on. She is a very special person in our lives now.   He would be very proud to have known how thankful she is of him.  Jamie was a very kind caring young man that lost his life at 26 years.  He was only 22 years when his life changed as well as ours.