Quilt Row 3-Square 3-Toni Benitez

Row 3

Square 3


Donor – February 4, 2002

Tony would talk often about looking at the stars through his telescope.  We were coming home from a friend’s house and we both saw a shooting star.  We looked at each other so excited and said, “Did you see that star?”  Everybody knows about wishing on a star and the four people in Tony’s star had their wish come true.  They received a second chance on life.  Tony was very generous with giving away anything he could.  The red for his name is of the love for him.  The yellow wording is for the sunshine in his eyes and smile.  The recipients are in camouflage colors which Tony enjoyed wearing.  His favorite color was blue which is a piece from his favorite wind pants.

This is for you Tony, “The Number One Star in Our Lives.”

Love forever,

Mom, Paul, Cassie,

E.J., Family & Friends