Quilt Row 2-Square 2-Mary Arceneaux

Row 2

Square 2


Donor – February 18, 2002

Our mother’s favorite flower was the magnolia.  She had a beautiful magnolia tree in her back yard that she kept trimmed well and enjoyed sitting beneath it in the evening.  She also kept a beautiful garden.  Mary loved making hand made items, as well as sewing and knitting.  Most of all she loved her two sons and enjoyed having them and their loved ones over for a Sunday lunch gathering.  She was a person who would never say “NO” to anyone and was always there for the needs of friends or family.  Mary also loved the companionship of her cats.  She had 4 faithful friends, Monkee, Babe, Mista and Misty.  They could always be found at her side while sewing or just enjoying our beautiful home.  This quilt square was made with care to remember her love for sewing, magnolias and her caring, giving character.