Quilt Row 2-Square 3-Jessica Wheat

Row 2

Square 3

Jessica Laine Wheat

My precious, Jessica, was only two and one half years old when she relocated to Heaven.  She was energetic, funny, and observant.  She had two favorites: Her older sister Kaitlynn (4 years old) and shoes.  When she got shoes as a birthday gift, she refused to go to bed that night without wearing the new shoes.  If she couldn’t find the mate to a shoe, she simply substituted another one, unfazed that the two did not match.  She especially liked wearing her sister’s shoes. She learned to associate my putting on shoes with going somewhere.  If I mentioned running an errand, Jessica would run to my room, grab my shoes, and put them on my feet for me.  She also liked stickers, even stickers used to price items at a garage sale!  Jessica was a beautiful little girl. How I miss her!

Kay Wheat, “Nana”