Quilt Row 1-Square 2-Robert Myers

Row 1

Square 2

Robert H. Myers

(Bob Bishop)

From mornings with “Kenny & Bob” on WYNK to afternoons on Country Legends 107.3 for over two decades, Bob Bishop’s melodic voice and infectious laughter brought us through our day – one song at a time.   His intelligence, wit and humor were surpassed only by his kindness and the size of his heart.  Brilliant, well-read and gifted, Bob was always eager to learn and help. Whatever you needed; be it unraveling the complexities of WWII, re-wiring you computer, making a masterpiece in the kitchen, or giving advice to soothe your soul – he could do it all, and usually all at the same time!

Ever patient and kind, he helped everyone around him.  Personal or professional, Bob gave you his 100% undivided attention until all problems were resolved.

He was a loving son, brother and uncle, a true confidant and a loyal friend.  His family, friends and listeners will miss him dearly.

Bob once said of his favorite country singer, Conway Twitty – “Conway was the best friend a song ever had.”  For all who knew him and listened, Bob Bishop was the best friend Baton Rouge radio ever had.