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Gene Arthur LaBorde

December 8, 1930 – September 11, 2006

Beloved Husband, Father, Pop, and Friend

Throughout his life, Gene formed friendships with those he came in contact.  His sense of humor and playful wit endeared him to family, friends, and acquaintances.  He had compassion and concern for people and often spent time building, planting, mowing, or tinkering on things.  He was well known for his willingness to help others.  He was truly a kind and loving man who treasured his family and had a great love for all creatures.

His daughters were with him as he passed from this life.  They told him it was okay to go because he had three great sons-in-law that he knew would take really good care of his girls.  His generous nature led to his decision to become a donor.

Gene served in the United States Air Force, United States Army and the United States Navy.  He served his country with pride and enthusiasm form 1950 until 1963.  He received several awards for his skill and expertise in various capacities – radar operator, mechanical engineer, and military police.  Upon honorable discharge, he was employed as a diesel mechanic for various companies and received commendations and appreciation from being the most sought after mechanic.  He later retired from Allied Systems in 1992.

Upon retirement, he was as busy as ever serving the needs of his wife, children, family, and friends.  He filled so many lives with love in the special was he expressed concern.

Loving thoughts from his surviving children:

Throughout the years, I have come to learn that Daddy loved me unconditionally.  Our special bond of sharing tools and sharing life will forever be remembered.

Love, Gary

I had 49 years with Daddy and during the last 4; we were each other’s best friend.  From working on cars to cooking together, we were inseparable.  I will love and miss you forever – always the beautiful one, not the ugly one.

I love you Daddy, Sheri

Daddy was my rock and my personal knight in shining armor.  He took care of me like no other person.  His legacy will be passed on to his grandsons and he will live forever.

I love you Daddy, Susy

Daddy was my best friend or, as my sisters called me, the second wife.  He always stood behind each of us in our decisions, right or wrong.  We talked almost daily usually just to say hi and I love you.

I will miss you Daddy, Becke