Quilt Row 3-Square 2-Donald Evans

Row 3

Square 2

Donald Wayne Evans

Born October 5, 1949

Died November 17, 2008

My brother, Donald was the youngest of three children.  First two girls, and finally, a boy!  Being the youngest, the baby of the bunch, my sister and I always felt like he was just a wee bit spoiled. He was definitely Daddy’s favorite.

Some of my earliest memories are of playing Cowboys and Indians with him.  He loved to watch Western movies on TV.  We got our first T.V. in the early 50’s, so he was just in time to enjoy The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, and the Rifle Man.  He also enjoyed playing marbles and riding his bike. He had a big collection of Aggies, and was really good at “knocking you out of the circle”.

He made good grades in school with very little effort.  It was obvious he had lots of talent and great potential.  He chose to become an automotive and motorcycle mechanic, after spending a short time in the Army.

His ability to build trikes and dragsters brought him lots of recognition.  He furnished the motorcycles for two television movies, and rode in the Jack Ruby Story.

At the time of his death, his immediate family was small, a wife, one son, mother, and two sisters, all of whom miss him a great deal.  His organ donations make it possible for his talents to live on, without end.

Sybil Steed