Quilt Row 5-Square 2-Douglas Comeaux

Row 5

Square 2


Words can not express how we felt about Doug. He was so good, kind and helpful to all his friends and family. He never spoke ill of anyone or complained. He had so much love to give. He was such a believer of life, we were not surprised when we found out he was an organ donor. Someone out there has a most loving and caring heart!

Doug was employed by Service Chevrolet for eight years. While employed he attained membership in Chevrolet’s society of sales executives for four consecutive years.  

Doug died suddenly one foggy morning only blocks away from home in an automobile accident. From the very start of this, I could see God’s love, grace and mercy because He did not let him suffer. He was immediately brain dead.

Doug, We love You!

Mom, Dad, Dede, Bell

We will see you again!