Quilt Row 5-Square 1-Julie Stott

Row 5

Square 1


The square we are sending is a piece of Julie’s work, she was a textile designer and the square was done as part of her project at University.  I don’t want to add anything to it and we would feel very honored if you could use it in any way to promote the awareness of the need for donors.

Julie was murdered in New Orleans while on holiday from the United Kingdom.  She was an English girl who through circumstances became a donor in your country.  It was hard for us to decide to allow her to become a donor as we were still in the U.K. and could not see her before the machine was turned off.  We gave our permission for her organs and tissue to be used.  We arrived in New Orleans two days after the murder, we found in her luggage her donor card and knew we had made the right decision to donate.