Quilt Row 3-Square 4-Emily Christen

Row 3

Square 4


Emily was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, therefore she stayed in the hospital for several weeks during surgeries.  Her older brother, 4 at the time, didn’t want to leave Emily at the hospital alone when we couldn’t be there, so he bought her a stuffed lamb.  This lamb went with her from room to room at the hospital and soon became her favorite toy at home.  When Emily was admitted again at 9 months, the lamb was there again.  After Emily died, Jordan has slept with the lamb as his special memory of his baby sister.

Though our situation was very tragic, we are glad another child has benefited from Emily’s very loving heart.  We hope that everyone would consider organ donation so that even if one life ends – another can begin.  You are doing a wonderful service with this quilt and knowledge.