Quilt Row 2-Square 1-Jeffery Dishman

Row 2

Square 1


The quilt square was designed by Jeffery’s best friend Marcus Clavier and was created by Marcus’ mother, Sylvia.

Each color and object was meaningful in Jeffery’s life.


  • Green represents life which Jeffery enjoyed to its fullest.
  • Blue and gray represent the colors of the high school from where he graduated.  Jeffery enjoyed his high school years and his classmates immensely.
  • Blue and gold represent the colors of the high school where he was a soccer coach.  During his tenure as coach the team won the state championship.


  • The soccer ball represents Jeffery’s favorite sport, one in which he participated and coached every chance he had.
  • The cross represents Jeffery’s deep faith in God.  He wore a cross on a chain around his neck at all times.
  • The masks of comedy and tragedy represent his life.  Jeffery had a great sense of humor and created a feeling of happiness with those around him. The masks are indicative of the season of his untimely tragic death.
  • The heart represents the love we had for Jeff and the joy and happiness that he brought to our lives.