Quilt Row 1-Square 4-Harold Melancon

Row 1

Square 4


It was quite hard to put all the things that represented Harold “Moon” Melancon’s life in one eight inch square, but I’m sure many others who have lost their loved ones have felt the same way.

Moon, as everyone knew him definitely enjoyed life.  The baseball glove, ball and bat and the Saints football helmet represent his love of sports.  He also loved the Saints football team and as his friends would say, was always drawn to the “underdog” in sports events.  In high school, college and in his 20’s and 30’s he played softball and basketball, as well as coached Dixie Youth and Biddy Basketball with our son.

The church represents his deep faith and love for his family.  He was a wonderful father to our two children and a good and loving husband and son.  In fact, we were high school sweethearts. In addition, he attended the Manresa Retreat during the Easter weekend to over 22 years.

The duck represents his love of hunting.  He enjoyed a good hunt in the company of his friends. There was nothing more enjoyable than a weekend at the camp---cooking, eating and drinking.

The double “red ring inside a ring” symbol represents Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation (currently under Duke Energy Company), where he was an employee for nearly 26 years.   He had a wonderful sense of humor and used it at work to the delight of his colleagues and all the people he met off shore throughout his life.  As his friends say, “There are so many ‘Moon Stories’ going around, you could write a book”.

The pasta and garlic indicate his great love for cooking and eating good food.  He loved to grill, barbecue and boil crawfish as well as dine out regularly at the local restaurants.  And Moon was a generous person.  Whenever he cooked anything, he had to send a relative or a friend a “taste”.

He also loved to travel as represented by the airplane.  We vacationed every summer with our children; every other summer being a major vacation.  No matter the cost of the vacation, he always said how important it was to share these times with our children while they were young, so as not to look back when they were grown and say we should have done more.  He knew you could never relive those times.  The Cardinal Airlines logo was appropriate, as he was a graduate of Edward Douglas White High School in Thibodaux, LA and the cardinal is their mascot.

He balanced hard work and deep religious faith with a fun loving attitude.  The umbrella represents music and the New Orleans’ Jazz Fest, which he loved so much.   Carnival season was also an especially fun time for him as represented by the Mardi Gras jester.  The playing cards and roulette boards represent his love of gambling.  He enjoyed a good card game and supper with friends.  He also liked to stop off at a casino occasionally and to put it in his words ‘make a little donation’.

Even though his driver’s license card did not indicate his desire to be an organ donor, it was something we talked about and I know in Heaven he feels proud to have been able to help.  He was an ordinary man with faults like everyone else, but the four and half hour wait in line a the funeral home, the long distances traveled by some of his friends and colleagues who came to pay their respects and the packed Co-Cathedral in Thibodaux were a testament to the kind of person Moon was.