Quilt Row 2 Square 3-Jeremi Gary

Jeremi Ron Gary

Jeremi Ron Gary, 29 years old, was headed home from a workday in March, 2007. Tragically, a 19 year old college student thinking that he could clear passing an 18-wheeler, was not able to get back in his lane before crashing into Jeremi’s car, head-on. As a result of the accident, Jeremi died on March 18, 2007. Jeremi was a loving son, husband, and brother of his six siblings. He had been married to his sweet wife for only 5 months.

In remembering Jeremi, he---

*allowed his faith in God to guide him;

*exhibited exuberance in displaying his love for family and friends;

*shared his infectious smile with everyone;

*reached out to help others with ceaseless compassion;

*showed his devoted loyalty as a friend;

*lighted the room he entered with his humor;

*was an avid LSU fan and is now “Tailgating in the Sky” and

*was an organ donor of 4 organs---

His last gift to mankind.