Quilt Row 1 Square 3-Jeffrey Carr

Jeffrey Karl Carr Sr.

November 12, 1980 – November 28, 2015

Benton, Louisiana

To God Be the Glory

The symbols on his quilt block represent his love of motorcycles, Batman (his symbol of self), horses, and basketball. The vibrant Red Heart shows is Love for people.

Jeff was a high school graduate and attended college. Batman was his emblem of “Self”.  Even his motorcycle had the emblem.

He owned a horse and loved to attend and ride at the trail rides of other clubs. He also was a motorcycle club member.

He was an active member of his church, coached basketball teams, and his last group of teenagers was successful. He was “Uncle Jeff” to young people, their mentor, a loyal and dedicated employee, never met a stranger. He was a loving, caring, kind, and dedicated father, son, brother, and friend.