Quilt Row 3 Square 4-Kylan Langlinais


May 9, 1992 – April 9, 2015

Kylan, known to family and friends as “Baby Girl or Red”, was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside.  She was very sweet and loving, she spoke so softly that everyone always had to ask her to repeat herself. Kylan had a wonderful life, she graduated from North Vermilion High School in 2010; she received as Associate Degree in Business from South Louisiana Community College in 2013. Kylan loved animals and worked as a groomer at Spoiled Pet Spa and Boutique in Lafayette, Louisiana.  She lived on her own and was very happy and healthy.  She enjoyed spending time with family and friends and loved to travel.  Her grandfather took her to Las Vegas for her 21st birthday and in February 2015, he took her first cruise, which was a benefit cruise for LOPA.

Kylan made no hesitation when she first got her driver’s license and was asked to be a Donor.  I simply said I, her mother, am a Donor and explained to her what being a donor meant.

Kylan was an artist and often made my gifts for Mother’s Day. She painted this on our last Mother’s day in 2014.  Kylan was born on Mother’s Day in 1992.  I loved her gifts and knew right away that her painting would represent her LOPA quilt square, perfectly.