Quilt Row 3-Square 1-Rebecca Tabony

Row 3

Square 1


January 11, 1962 – September 28, 2010

Donating my sister, Becky’s organs was not a hard decision for our family as we knew that is exactly what she would have wanted.  Becky lived her life caring for others.  

She was a psychologist by trade but talking her patients through their problems did not seem like a job to her.  She grew up in a little Louisiana bayou town and when she left this earthly life, she was giving back to others in a little Louisiana bayou town where she was knows as the “bicycling counselor”.  Before returning to her home state, she spent most of her career counseling college students.

When not counseling, Becky loved spending time with her faithful dogs, Kosh and Buffy.  They spend many house walking trails.  When she wasn’t with her dogs, she was kayaking or biking with her many friends.

We are so grateful for the earthly time we had with Becky and feel blessed to have had her in our lives.  She is greatly missed by her family, friends and dogs.