Quilt Row 4-Square 2-Melanie Ryder

Row 4

Square 2


May 10, 1968 – March 10, 2011


The hero behind this quilt square is Melanie Kaye (Missy) Ryder.  As a twelve year old, she started talking ‘donor’.  As time went on, she kept insisting, saying she wanted to help as many people as possible thru the gift of life.

Missy went to college, was a graphic designer and worked in Medical Records.  She had 4 wonderful children, parents, brother and niece/godchild.

She became ill with fibro, hypertension and heart problems.  On March 10, 2011, she passed away suddenly and at that moment we heard her say, “But I am a donor” and we knew we were going to honor her wishes of 30 years ago.

The purple was her favorite work scrubs and the gold lettering is part of her favorite football team’s colors, her beloved LSU Tigers!  She also loved the Saints.

Another passion of hers was being a breast cancer supporter as her Mother has breast cancer and her father had renal cancer.

Her heart was huge and the many people who have and will benefit from her, has brought comfort to all of her family, knowing she will live on in others.  

You will always be loved.