Quilt Row 3-Square 5-Justin Walker

Row 3

Square 5


Justin was born February 7, 1981.  He was a very beautiful baby boy.  He had hernia surgeries at 4 months old.  He learned to ride a bike at 2 years old.  He was a lovable child.  He was an Altar boy at age 6.  He made his First Holy Communion on his 7th birthday.  He loved to share whatever he got, no matter what.  As a young man he had peer troubles.  We loved him very much.  He was Maxine’s only son, but has an older brother with his Dad.  He has 4 sisters and loved them all the same.  He loved his nieces and nephews.  He loved to party with his sister CyCy and his cousins. We feel him every day in our hearts and soul.  Knowing that he helped others to survive makes life bearable.  God has kept us strong and we praise Him for that.