Quilt Row 2-Square 4-Georgia Mckinney

Row 2

Square 4


Georgia loved riding her Harley back in the late 80’s and her friend Doyle Harden even wrote a story about her that was published in the February 1989 issue of “Harley Women” magazine. She started out riding a Honda “Rebel” and after a short time it was, “but honey, I want a Harley”. So she started looking around and found one with low miles and she became a Harley owner. She was afraid of it and didn’t ride it for three days, but she would go out daily and straddle it and struggle like hell to get it up off the kickstand, but she got where she could do it with no problem. Then one day she finally got the courage to ride and she was hooked and became a member of the Asphalt Angels. We lost her on February 2, 2011 and how she rides with the Angels in Heaven.