Quilt Row 1-Square 4-Tony Weber

Row 1

Square 4

Tony Weber

The design of this patch represents everything Mark Anthony Weber (Tony) was about.  He rarely ever went by his given name of Mark.  The lower case letter t – like a cross – was his favorite symbol.  The cross in this patch is very significant to him and to us.  It represents Tony’s love for God.  As he loved us, Tony loved the same…unconditionally.  He was always doing whatever he could for anyone who needed help; his generosity continued on with his passing.  As a donor, Tony shared a part of himself and his love to those who never had a chance to meet him, but in one way or another needed his help.  Tony was extremely generous with his smiles, hugs, and “I love you’s”.  He took the time to let you know how important you were.  Everyone has a purpose in life:  If Tony’s was to teach us to love each other…then we say, “Job well done?”  We are so proud of the young man you were.

The color of camouflage was one of his favorite things to wear.  He gave himself the title of “just your everyday country boy”.  The design is so simple and natural.  It has become such a comfort for all of us who wear it in memory of him.  He loved the outdoors and hunting.  The color orange in the thread is his protective hunter’s orange.  The four colors of yellow, green, purple, and black are the colors of his favorite shoes, OSIRUS.  They are so loud, and no one else we know had a pair like them.  Tony loved to stand out, be noticed, and be different – and that he did!  The saying, “No one could fill my shoes” is true when it comes to him.  They are his trademark; we never could have imagined the impact that he would have on others just by wearing those shoes.

June 13, 1995 was the amazing day of his birth – what a precious gift!  The time he spent on this earth was a blessing to us.  There are no bad memories, just good ones.  He was a son, brother, grandchild, uncle, cousin, and friend to so many.  We carry him in our hearts every second of the day in everything that we do.

November 27, 2009 was the evening Tony heard God call his name, and he followed Him home. He is an angel now, and he forever will be safe and protected.  For this, we thank you, God.

December 1, 2009 is the day we laid Tony to rest.  When we closed his casket, we closed our eyes and gave Tony to God.  Our job as parents to him is done; he is God’s son for eternity now.  He will be loved and missed forever.  We know he is where he was meant to be.  This earth was just a stop on his way from birth to returning home.

His square in this quilt will be just as unique as he was.  The design we chose for him suits him so well.  If he had been given the chance, he probably would have designed it the same.   We love you!

Rest in Peace, Tony…

Hello, my name is Rhonda.  I would like to take a moment to take a moment to tell you a little bit about an amazing young man, that had it not been for his love for others and extreme generosity you may not have had a chance to know.  Tony was a 14 year old fellow who as his maw maw says was full of pee and vinegar.  He loved life and lived it to the extreme in everything he did.  He enjoyed a little bit of everything from hunting, fishing, mud riding in our jeep, dirt bike and 4 wheeler riding, and skateboarding.  He called himself “your every day country boy” but he was the sort of person who one name just didn’t do any justice.

Tony was our only son he has a 16 year old sister named Jessica.  His real name was Mark, but he never answered to it.  On his first day of first grade the teacher kept saying Mark doing her role call I had to run over and tell him bubba she is calling you and he said, no my name is Tony.  We all laughed and he just looked.

Tony was a freshman he had so many friends and he loved to be around people.  He played basketball throughout junior high but this year he had gotten more into being a skateboarder. We live in a small town and he was the only one ever known to skate off the roof of our public library. It is probably a good 80 foot from the edge to the peak then about 10 foot to the ground.  As you can see he was my little dare devil anything he tried to do he never quit till he got it.

Tony and Jessica were in the same grade most of the same classes and pretty much from the time that woke up till they went to sleep they were inseparable.  She is still very protective over the memory of Tony, as she was with him.  He would even go along if she has a date to go somewhere with someone but she never seemed to mind.  They fought like crazy but they knew no matter what they would be right there to stand up for each other against anyone who may have come along.  

There was never a dull moment if Tony was in your presence he loved to make people laugh I’d ask are you going to make your living being silly he’d say if I do I’m gonna be rich huh.  He was known to go up to complete stangers just to tell them his name and take a moment to meet someone maybe a little bit different than him but he said you can never have too many friends.

I work with handicapped clients and both my children volunteered with them.  Tony was very admit on standing up for those who could not do it on their own.  On Thanksgiving I brought 2 clients home on the holidays and he was soooo happy.  It bothered him that some didn’t have a family to go home to on the holidays so he told me that on Christmas whoever don’t have a family bring them on home to ours, and as he wanted we did.

It was only a few months before his passing that sitting in the back seat of my car after his sister got her driving permit he saw the donor heart and said…I want to be one too,  I explained to him and so did she what it meant.  Tony said well if I’m gone someone might as well get some use out this body, because in heaven I won’t need it.  Tony knew God and for that we are so thankful.

We were forever thinking that Tony never appreciated anything but we were so wrong.  It has come to our attention that yes he was always giving his things away but now we notice it was always to someone who didn’t have the things he had.  Even in his passing he still was giving to someone who needed something that he felt he no longer needed.  This just shows how amazing of a child he is.

There is no telling what the future could have been for him he wanted to be a motocross racer one day a professional skater another.  He lived each day for what it was right then.  His saying was “Live for the moment not for the day and live it to the extreme!”  How true these works were for the person he was is scary sometimes I have been told so many times since his passing that he would be doing something that he shouldn’t be and say don’t tell momma she’d have a fit.  Even the day skating off the roof when his picture was taken they say, what are you doing?  He said, praying and if this doesn’t go good go get your daddy but don’t tell momma what I did.  I think now the people driving down the highway that day probably thought I wonder what kind of parents that little hoodlum has to be letting him do something like that.  Will I say… a parent who would never change one single thing about the way that child was raised and I’m so proud of him. And in case you were wondering he landed it without a scratch even on his second time down it.  

If you ever have a chance to see the donor quilt his patch should stand out just like he did.  The four colors for the corners are lime green, florescent yellow and purple and black.  Those were the colors of his skate shoes the Osiris.  No one else could pull off and shoes no one will ever be able to fill.  The center is a cross his favorite symbol to draw he said it was his lower case “t” for Tony and a cross how cool is that?  It is in the design of Mossy Oak Break Up his trademark in camouflage.  And last but not least all his lettering and numbers are in his florescent orange the color of his hunting vest.  If you ever get a chance to see it I bet you’ll say I would have loved to meet this kid.  He stood out in life as he will in his passing in our hearts forever.

As parents we are so proud of the son we had.  He is missed greatly but we know his love for people will help others and in that way a part of him will live on.  To us that is amazing.  Tony is finally home with God and I know that’s where he was meant to be he can start his new life with God.  And like one his favorite songs I’ll see you on the other side.

There is so much more about him to say but it’s hard to fit it into a letter so if you’d like to know more and we pray you do just let us know.  May God bless you.


Tony’s family~Mark, Rhonda, and Jessica