Quilt Row 2-Square 5-Terrance Charles

Row 2

Square 5

Terrance “Putt” Charles

This quilt was created in memory of Terrance “Putt” Charles by his beloved mother-in-law and wife and under supervision of his sister-in-law.  Putt was a fun loving person that would give his last to make you smile.  Donating his organs was the last thing that Putt did to “putt” smiles on his recipient’s faces; we as a family will forever smile knowing even in the end, he was willing to give his last to see a smile.  Putt loved taking family vacations and made sure everyone went – whether he had to help you pack, put your bags in the car or pay your way, besides fishing or riding motorbikes this was Putt’s favorite time. Putt’s smile would cheer everyone.  Putt is sadly missed by his mother, fathers, wife, grandmother, mother, sister and brother-in-law, 2 sons, 2 daughters, 4 sisters, 1 adopted nephew, 3 brothers, 1 whom has unfortunately followed down the hypertension path of his big brother, by God’s Grace & Mercy he will overcome this silent killer.  A host of other relatives and friends are extremely proud to honor Terrance “Putt” Charles as their “Hero” for being an organ donor.

 Written by:

Mrs. LaQuaita Charles