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Paul F. Baronne

Paul R. Baronne was born and raised in Baton Rouge.  He died very unexpectedly on February 16, 2010, after surgery to repair a tear of his aorta, a symptom of Morfan Syndrome, something we had never heard of and never knew he had.  He was only 52.  He was the best husband, father, brother, son, uncle, and friend.

We began dating in high school and would have been married for 33 years on March 5.  We had two children, Gina and Kevin, whom he loved and adored.  Family was very important to Paul, and he spent lots of time with his children, from coaching basketball for Gina’s team, to spending years volunteering with the Boy Scouts with Kevin (who made is all the way to Eagle Scout despite being physically disabled with cerebral palsy) to all the vacations we went on, or just hanging out with all of us.  Paul came from a very close Italian family.  We were always getting together for a meal to celebrate any and every occasion.  His mom and sisters are wonderful cooks and we shared many wonderful times together, and ever took vacations together. (His dad unfortunately died 25 years ago).

Paul and I shared a love of music, especially Jimmy buffet.  We were charter members of the Parrot head Club of Baton Rouge, a non-profit organization whose members like Jimmy Buffet style music and love working together on community and environmental causes.  We were members for 15 years where we shared our passion of volunteering with Alzheimer’s Services, Children’s Miracle Network, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Bluebonnet Nature Center and Nature Conservancy of Louisiana, to name just a few.  He also helped me with my volunteer work that I did with the St. Patrick Catholic Church Youth group, and most of all, he loved being “Coach Paul” with the summer softball league.

He also liked to have fun.  Besides spending time with our many, many friends listening to music and volunteering, Paul also lived his hobbies.  He and his brother loved to golf whenever they could, where they always claimed to have played better than the other.  In the fall, their weekends were spent at their family deer camp in Clinton, where members would join them for hanging out around the campfire.  And in the spring and summer, they would take their boat to the coast along with different family members, for a weekend of fishing.

Paul was always busy, too busy sometimes.  Paul worked for over 30 years in the motor operated valve and actuator business as a factory sales and service representative.  He ran the Baton Rouge office of a New Orleans company for over 15 years, establishing himself with many in the business as someone they could count on to be hardworking, honest, and do quality work.  In 2001, when that business went through changes and buyouts, Paul, along with help from his brother, Jay, were able to pull it together and they formed their own company, MOV Services LLC. It wasn’t long before the business took off, and Paul had more than enough customers and work to become very successful.  It was sometimes too much, working holidays, etc.  But he was very loyal to his customers, and when they needed his for an emergency in the middle of the night, he went.  He was out on a job working when he started feeling bad and had them call for an ambulance.  He died 18 hours later.

Paul was a gentle, calm person, not letting things upset him.  He was a perfectionist, and there wasn’t anything he could not do or fix, and he was always ready to help others with whatever he could.  Paul left a void that will never be filled, not only with us, his family and mine, but with his many friends and colleagues.  The only thought that gets us all through the day is that God must have needed something fixed in Heaven, so he called him home way too early.

Paul, we love and miss you!! Save a place for us!!

Charlotte, Gina and Kevin Baronne