Quilt Row 1-Square 2-Patrick Hadley

Row 1

Square 2

Patrick Dewayne Hadley

Sunrise: 29OCT1980

Sunset: 19OCT1980

My son, Patrick was just 10 days from his 27th birthday when he became an organ donor.  He was the father of 2 sons, Gabe, 9, and Bryan 5.

This quilt block is a drawing of the tattoo his 3 sisters and I got six weeks after his death.  Bronco P51 was the name he used on the internet.  He played football for Sam Houston High School and his number was 51.  

This quilt block was donated by Girl Scout Troop 2200 – Moss Bluff led by Mrs. Donna Moore.  

THANKS GIRLS!  Uncle Pat would have been so proud of you.