Quilt Row 2-Square 4-Nicholas Aucoin

Row 2

Square 4

Our Hero

Nicholas Jordan “CRAZY” Aucoin

Jordan was born in Pineville, La to Kara Thomas on May 31, 1992.  His father, Sean, met him when he was 3 weeks old, fell in love and adopted him when he was 3 years old.  Jordan was a Senior, attended Pine Prairie High School and played football for three years at strong safety and defensive end.  Jordan wore #23 and his nickname was “CRAZY”.  Jordan ranked eighth in District A for tackles.  He started playing baseball at five years old and played one year in high school.  Well liked by his peers, Jordan was recently elected Basketball Homecoming Senior Prince.  Jordan was a protective older brother of five children.  He and his sister, Morgan, had been inseparable since the day she was born.  His stepmother, Misti, brought two younger brothers, Kyle and Bret, and a stepsister, Lauryn, into his life, instantly giving them someone to look up to.  The five siblings were extremely united by camping trips, holidays, school days, sibling disagreements and apologies, birthday and playing outside; the things memories are made of when you look back on life.  Hunting, fishing, and friendship were high priorities for Jordan.  There were many deer, ducks, squirrels and fish brought back by Jordan’s hunting excursions.  On November 18, 2010, Jordan was on his way to pick up his two sisters from after school activities.  He was in a motor vehicle accident and suffered severe head trauma.  Jordan went to Heaven on November 20, 2010.  Jordan chose to become an organ donor when he turned 18.  This was a decision Jordan made on his own.  His family is very proud of this decision that he made.  It brings his family peace on the tough days.  We know Jordan lives on through you his recipients.  He will forever live on in our hearts!!  There is only one word to describe Jordan “BEAUTIFUL”!!!!