Quilt Row 4-Square 4-Matthew Laurie

Row 4

Square 4

Matthew Laurie

Matthew, one of six sons, was a wonderful loving funny guy.  He died suddenly a few days after breaking his leg and two and a half weeks shy of his 40th birthday.  A big party was planned with a 2-man Cajun band and all his relatives and friends.  Matt loved music and loved to dance and his joy was so evident we all enjoyed watching him.  Born with Downs Syndrome in 1968 Matt attended early school at Search Center and then Mohican School in Baton Rouge.  After we moved to Livingston Parish in ’81 he went to L.P.S.E.C. until he graduated with a certificate of achievement.  Then it was time to go to work.  Matt worked hard at the different jobs he had through the workshop in Walker.  His death was such a blow to the many people who loved him, and he always enjoyed their company; so being among the wonderful company of angels they know how we love our boy.  Lot of people to thank, and we thank them mightily for helping us give him a good life.