Quilt Row 5-Square 6-Justin Harrison

Row 5

Square 6



It took me seven years to have this quilt square created.  How do you represent the life of an incredible young man on an 8”X8” square?  I finally realized that it is impossible to share with the world what Justin meant to me and what he means to the world now.  He was my baby, I love him and I will always miss him.  There will always be a piece of my heart that is broken.  It’s as simple as that.

His love for baseball, music, and the night sky are represented here.  The number 12 was very significant in Justin’s life and now the number 12 appears in our lives at the most needed times. Dragonfly’s come into view and brings smiles to hearts when the loneliness is intense.  His dog, Sheeba, was his constant companion, but he did not call her Sheeba; he called her puuuurty puppy.

All of these little things are here, on this square of fabric, cut from his jeans.  These ‘little things’ remind us of the ‘living’ Justin.  Now, after his death, what we hold most dear are his recipients. In death, Justin accomplished more than most of us will ever have the opportunity to do.  He saved the lives of five people and he restored sight for two.  In doing so, he gave us the strength to continue what he started…sharing with the world the wonders of organ and tissue donation.  He is our Hero.