Quilt Row 5-Square 3-Gracie Speights

Row 5

Square 3


May 4, 2006

The poem “Forever My Butterfly” was written by Mary Jane, Gracie’s mother, and read aloud at Gracie’s celebration of life on May 6, 2006.  We have this poem in a frame at home and in other’s homes to remind us that big messages come in small packages.  Even though she only lived 14 hours, she touched a whole lot of people, church, friends, family, and even strangers.  I still hear stories of how our little butterfly has touched someone, somewhere, somehow.

Even before she was born, we knew our Gracie would not live, but we did know we would give her organs to others to continue her message we felt she was put on this earth to deliver.  Just as others like her, whose families felt it was right to give to others a gift they could not keep themselves for many reasons, but mostly because they wanted someone else to live when their loved one could not.  Gracie was not mine to keep; how could I be selfish and not give to others, when God let me have her for a little while, to meet her, before she was to continue her journey one way or another.  I just chose to help her along the way by passing her on to others who could benefit from her, physically, spiritually, and/or emotionally.  Thank you for giving me this time to be honored through Gracie by writing her story.

Forever my butterfly…

I know you are a butterfly.

I know because you came as a flutter in my womb.

I know you came from the Heavenly Garden.

I know because of your unique beauty.

You are His tiny, fragile little butterfly, but I will see you again.

You are His to forever keep, but mine to keep in my heart.

You are His gift, sent to spread His word in an unspoken way.

You are on a great journey, and I am honored to be chosen to take part in.

I promise to never forget or forsake you.

I promise to try to be the best Christian I can be, to continue His message thru you.

I promise not to be sad for long, but to rejoice in His name and celebrate.

I promise that every butterfly I see will be a reminder of you and your journey to us.

I thank you for showing me your beauty, while you were here in my garden.

I thank you for showing me your strength, as I found mine growing.

I thank you for showing me your faith, as mine grew stronger as each day passed.

I thank you for showing me that even though the winds are sometimes strong, pushing me off course, I can always find my way back.

My prayer is that everyone who knew of you will become closer to the Word, so you will not be in vain.

My prayer is that you will continue touching lives, wherever you may go and you will forever be remembered.  

My prayer is to Jesus to forever keep you close to me so I will forever be reminded of His Grace, my Gracie.

My prayer is that when I am called to come home that you will be the beautiful butterfly to lead the way to our heavenly Garden.

Where we will spend eternity together with those we love and waiting for those who have not yet come home.

This is not goodbye.

This is not the end.

This is the beginning.

This is simply a “thank you” for being you.

This is a celebration of Gods work and your journey.

Until we meet again, I love you Gracie Lynn Speights.