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April 5, 1988 – March 7, 2005

Garrett Jude Fontenot came into this world on April 5, 1988.  His parents are Carroll and Pricilla Fontenot.  He has one sister named Rachel Fontenot, and a host of other family members. Garrett led an active and happy lifestyle.  He enjoyed being with and spending time with his family and friends.  He loved sports and was active on his schools basketball and baseball teams.  LSU Tigers and Duke Blue Devils were two of his favorite teams.  When Garrett wasn’t spending time with his family and friends, or getting involved with sports, he enjoyed fishing, whether it was going in his dad’s boat, going charter fishing or just fishing from the road, he was always ready to go fishing. Another one of Garrett’s pastimes was his love for music.  He enjoyed listening to different kinds of music.  Garrett always had a beautiful smile on his face, and even though God needed him and had plans for Garrett in His home, Garrett left this earth with that same beautiful smile.


Roger Fontenot

Garrett’s Paran