Quilt Row 2-Square 3-Anthony Galmore

Row 2

Square 3


The Devil is Calling

Every new day is stress

The devil is calling never the less

As I wake up in the morning

Til I go to bed at night

I realize it’s an everyday test

Should I thug

Should I sleep

Should I love

Should I weep

Cause I read my grave saying rest in peace

I don’t wanna die

I don’t wanna go

I’m not afraid to let you know

The devil is calling

The devil’s at work

He is seeing your pain, soothe your hurt

But in the end what is it worth

Eternity in hell is more that one life

or 2 or 3 traded for just one night

He never let you know

Because he’s calling and calling

I’m slipping, I’m slipping

Lord, I’m falling, I’m falling

It’s breaking me down inches by inches

I’ve found true love to help me through

I’ve changed my life but the devil isn’t


Tommy, Tommy - Lord change my name

The devil is calling like it’s still a game

But he’ll figure it out

Make things as tough

I’ve been; I’ve seen

Whether we survive is up to us.

Inspired through                                                 

Anthony Galmore

Author: Tommy Chatman