Quilt Row 5-Square 4-Terrance Charles

Row 5

Square 4


This square is actually made from the original handkerchief of Terrance and LaQuaita’s best man, Clyde Stewart’s wedding that was held a few months after Terrance passed.  This square symbolizes how the Charles family has room to soar, yet in the end they are tied together to become one.  The cloud that floats over the Charles family represents their hero of the day, Terrance “Putt” Charles and their pet Pitt Winky, whom proceeded Terrance in death by 6 months.  The Saints symbol shows the “Die Hard Fan” Terrance was to the bitter end. Actually the game vs South Carolina was the last BIG victory Terrance was able to see before his vision left him.  The family is hoping the recipient of his corneas will see the Saints from his point of view, as “winners”.  The 1st balloon represents the beginning- the 1st born, Kaelon.  The middle balloon represents Terrance and LaQuaita in the middle tying the kids together, the last balloon represents the last link to the Charles family, Duane and Danajae – A link that can’t be divided or broken.  LaQuaita and the kids are tied together until it’s their time to fly away into the clouds and join their Hero Putt & Wink.