Quilt Row 1-Square 2-Noble Morvant

Row 1

Square 2


The pictures on the square symbolize the following: 

First the open bible:  The first thing Noble did when he woke in the morning was to read his bible.  Even before he made coffee, he read the bible.  He said the Lord was first in all things and nothing came before Him.  He was truly a Christian.  Before we did anything, or went anywhere, or went to sleep at night, he would hold my hand and say a prayer.  He carried a small pocket bible all the time. 

The words “PaPa” Noble:  He loved the grandchildren.  He was a big kid when it came to them, playing horsy on the floor, carrying them in and out of the rain, just constantly playing with them.  He loved children, anyone’s children, he was a “PaPa” to all. 

The deer and the fish:  He loved to hunt deer and fish.  His favorite fishing was “Choupic”. He’d come in from work and grab his line and go fish for a little while in the afternoon.  He knew all the places where the Choupic would be.