Quilt Row 3-Square 4-Nicholas Lewis

Row 3

Square 4


This square was made in memory of Nicholas from those closest to him whom he left behind.  The central butterfly fabric is for Ashley, his girlfriend.  The other four fabric strips are for his 3 brothers and sister, Tim, David, Jacob and Emily.  The buttons represent his parents, Lisa and Jack.  The fish represents his Aunt Diane, his godmother, whose earring it once was and the water activities he loved.  He could identify any fish and was the best scuba dive buddy!  The red button represents how much we love him.  The cross stitched strip comes from one of his baby outfits.  We are happy to have been able to share the gift of life through LOPA, but our loss of Nicholas still leaves us with any overwhelming sadness.  We keep his love in our hearts and pray that someday we’ll hug him again.  May he rest in God’s peace.