Quilt Row 5-Square 2-Frank Schieman

Row 5

Square 2


This quilt square was made in the memory of my dad, Frank “Walter” Schieman who served for 14 years in the United States Army until he was honorably discharged as Captain Artillery, USAR 3/30/1964.  He was extremely proud of his accomplishments in the army and if circumstances would have permitted it, would have remained in the Army.  There is not much you can put on an 8x8 quilt square, but I put some of his army symbols because those were the days that molded his life into the person he became.  A well respected, distinguished and most loved man, community leader, Rotarian, husband, father and grandfather.  Family meant everything to dad.  He gave his whole heart and soul to his family and the business he worked with for 44 years – Hartwig Moss Insurance Agency in New Orleans.  On the quilt square is also a picture of “Tina” his best friend.  Anyone who met dad – loved him, but no one will ever miss him more than I do! We love and miss you dad!

April 29, 1931 – July 24, 2005

Cheryl Roy