LOPA collaborates with hospitals, parish coroners, funeral homes, researchers, and driver’s education professionals in support of our Core Purpose, Making Life Happen. These strong partnerships help us provide quality care and education throughout the donation process.

This area of LOPA's website is a resource center for professionals.

Here you can find valuable facts, forms, standards and regulations, as well as learn how you, and your staff, can assist LOPA. Your partnership makes a huge impact by offering hope to families as we guide them through the loss of their loved one and provide the Gift of Life to those awaiting transplant.


The LOPA Donor Care Center

The LOPA Donor Care Center is a state of the art facility that was created with the purpose of improving the organ and tissue donation process. The Donor Care Center is equipped with diagnostic and surgical equipment that allow for a safe and timely process and an environment that provides for the highest level of care and sensitivity for each and every donor. This video will take you through a guided tour of our Donor Care Center.