Tabitha McLindon

Tabitha McLindon

Tabitha McLindon

April of 2011, my little girl Tabitha, at the young age of 12, went to the DMV to get a state ID so she could open a checking account. At this time, she had never been sick a day in her life other than the common cold.

As she was getting her ID, they asked her the same questions as if she were getting a drivers license, and asked her if she would like to be an organ donor, she said yes. She overheard the man in the booth next to her say no. On the way home, she asked her mom why do you think that man said no to becoming a donor?

One week to the day, Tabitha went in to a coma from a rare brain bleed. Within days they told us there was nothing they could do for Tabitha and she had passed away. They asked us if we would like to donate her organs but Tabitha had already answered that for us.

Because Tabitha had never been sick, or her body had no trauma, she was able to donate all of her organs and go on to save 7 lives, and help many others with her gift of life.

This past year has been the toughest year of my life by far. The one thing that has helped me get up every day and live my life, other than my son, is knowing that it was (TABITHA'S WISH).

One week shy of a year of Tabitha passing, I met the little girl that received Tabitha's lungs. I cannot put in to words how that has helped with my hurt. Other than, it was like a ton of bricks off my back.

So, in closing, I would ask that you share Tabitha's story with your kids. So if it were ever to be their time, they also could live on. Please share that with your friends and ask them to do the same.

Thank you,
Duncan McLindon