Steve Melancon

Steve was born August 23, 1964 in New Orleans, LA and was adopted by Madeline and Duffonis "Pete" Melancon in November 1964.

Steve was educated in the Catholic school system and graduated from grammar school at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Kenner, LA. Then he graduated from Archbishop Rummel High in Metairie, LA.

When he was 14 years old, Steve joined the River Ridge Volunteer Fire Department by fibbing about his age. When the fire chief found out he was only fourteen (HE WAS A BIG BOY FOR HIS AGE), he told Steve that he could not be a fireman at that age. So, the chief made Steve their mascot until he became 18 years of age.

From that time on Steve was a full fledge fireman. He fought fires, rescued accident victims, and attended to people needing medical help. There were two major airplane crashes in Kenner, LA. Steve was there to assist in recovery of victims and bodies.

Steve moved to Mississippi in the early 90's, and he joined the Pearl River Sheriff's Department. While working as a Deputy, he joined the North East Volunteer Fire Department. He worked his way up to Assistant Chief and took courses in medical assistance. He then became an Emergency Medical Technician, and then an EMS.

While working as a medic and first responder, Steve again was able to save more lives . . . Even though he was injured saving a newborn, he continued his life long love of saving people as a first responder.

Steve was fatally injured in an auto accident on March 25, 2008 while driving back home to help more people after spending a beautiful Easter weekend in Parks, LA with his Mom and Dad.

Steve had a very special fireman's funeral with sixteen fire departments and fire trucks in the funeral procession along with ambulances and Pearl River Sheriff Department Police cars and State Police cars to the church. Then, at the burial, the Medic One helicopter flew over the grave site.

Steve is sadly missed by Mom and Dad, his sister Peggy, one niece Chelsey, and two nephews, Vincent, Jr. and Dominic. He is also missed by his biological family, Mom, four sisters and one brother, and all of his fireman and police brothers.