Stephanie Nicole Barlow

She was so full of life and love and loved by all. Stephanie lived more in 17 years than I have lived in 47. Always there to help, a good friend, a wonderful big sister, a loving grand-daughter and most importantly a beautiful, loving daughter and the light of my life.

She was an avid dancer in both her personal life and on squads in high school and college. We all miss her terribly, but I know that one day I will see her again.

When we were approached by the LOPA people in the hospital my first reaction was "no way", I'm not burying my daughter cut to pieces. My ex-husband did the listening and when I came to grips that she was not going to make it I realized that this would've been what Stephanie wanted and she probably would've said "oh Mom, I want to do this."

It turned out to be a very good thing for us and it saved 5 peoples lives that night. God bless everyone who makes this decision and the ones that are on the receiving end.

After Eleven years, Stephanie's family(pictured above) finally meets her heart recipient, Elizabeth(far left). They now consider themselves to be family and plan to visit often.