Sarah Frances Zuccaro

Sarah’s mom with her poster.

Sarah’s mom with her poster.

Eight years ago my daughter, who was an organ donor, committed suicide. We were able to follow her wishes and donate her organs to those in need. Her final act of courage saved the lives of five people. Her organ donation is what gets me through every day.

Fast forward to three years ago I became very sick with cirrhosis of the liver. I needed a liver transplant to live. Less than a month later I received the phone call telling me that a liver had become available. The whirl of emotions was almost more than I could bare. I was grateful that I was going to receive this precious gift. I was emotionally so torn apart with my feelings towards my donor and his family. I had lived their nightmare. I had experienced the devastation that they were living. I had also experienced their sorrow and pain.

I have been in touch with my daughter’s recipients as well as with my donor family. Since I have been both on the giving end and the receiving end of organ donation, I have decided to reach out and meet these wonderful families that I will be forever connected to.

What a wonderful journey this will be for all of us!