Roderick McGee

In 1993, Cheryl McGee-Hill's life changed. Her husband, Roderick, had a seizure and began dialysis. He was the first person she had ever known on dialysis and needing a transplant. She started learning as much as she could about transplantation.

Four years later, Cheryl's brother Lionel had a headache after exercising and was rushed to the emergency room. He had suffered a stroke, due to an aneurysm, and died two days later. A LOPA staff member approached Cheryl and her family about organ donation. After three-and-a-half hours, they said yes, directing one of Lionel's kidneys to Roderick. On that same day, four other recipients in three different states also received Lionel's gifts.

In January 2001, after a long battle, Roderick died, and Cheryl once again agreed to donation. This time, her husband gave sight to two people.

Cheryl started her relationship with LOPA as a volunteer in 1998, joining the agency full time in October 2001. "Organ and tissue donation is who I am and what I must do,” Cheryl said. "It is my way to share a dream and share a life.”