Rixby LeBeouf

As my brother said in a eulogy at the Knight of Columbus Memorial after my dad passed away, Rixby J. LeBeouf never met a stranger. Whether in a store or a gas station or church, he would say hello and how are you doing today.

In Loving Memory of
Rixby J. LeBeouf

He worked hard all of his life to provide for his wife of 51 years, Mabel D. LeBeouf and his two children, Priscilla L. Fontenot and Aaron R. LeBeouf. He drove eighteen wheelers in the oilfield and for the rice mill in Abbeville. He loved to travel and he enjoyed being outdoors.

He could always find something to do outside – clean his sheds or cut his grass and the neighbors too.

When his health started to decline and he had to have heart surgery, he made it known he wanted to be an organ donor. When he passed away we made sure the hospital was aware of his wishes and met with one of the LOPA representatives who explained that they were able to recover his corneas and help someone see.

Knowing that his wishes were honored and that he was able to help someone makes our family proud and happy.

Mabel, Priscilla, and Aaron
Family of Rixby J. LeBeouf