Michael "Mickey" Joseph Fazio

Michael "Mickey" Joseph Fazio came into this world on March 10, 1988, the son of Frank L. Fazio and Monica James Fazio. Our beloved son was called to our Heavenly Father on July 5, 2010.

He lived to love and serve others and was the finest son and brother any family could desire. Michael was a student in construction management at BRCC and loved the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, water sports and soccer were his passions, and he excelled at all. His wonderful, kind and caring words to everyone, and his culinary and building abilities were admired by all and made many loyal friends for him. After graduating from St. Aloysius School, he attended Catholic High and Christian Life School. He was a social member of Theta Xi Fraternity at LSU, and loved cooking and serving his Brothers.

Mickey, we love you and our lives will never be the same without you. You were the spice in our family life. You were the child whose bonds were the strongest, because you loved and needed us so. Every time we hear the call of honking geese or ducks in flight, we will see you. Every time a fish strikes a lure, you will be there. Every time I cut the grass or mom cooks dinner, you will be close at hand. From each rainbow we will see you smiling down at us.

From the time you were born, you have been a joy to us, a son who needed love so much and returned it so much more. The sun will shine a little brighter, because you are in the sky to help it. If only we could kiss your face and we could pat your head one more time. If only we could hear "hey dad look at this," or "mom that smells great."

Michael Joseph Fazio died Monday, July 5, 2010. He was struck by a large tree limb around 11a.m. and knocked unconscious, subsequently falling into the family swimming pool. After freeing him from beneath the limb, his entire family performed CPR until the paramedics arrived to transport him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead later that evening. He spent his whole life measuring his worth by serving others, and by donating his organs Mickey continues to live and serve those in need.

His memory will live on strong forever in our minds and our hearts will remain empty without him. May God eternally bless you as you blessed us each day with your life. Mickey we love and miss you more each day.

Your loving parents, and brothers and sisters,

Frank, Monica, Frankie, Torie, Caroline and James