Melissa Dowers

Melissa Kathleen Dowers lived until she was 5 1/2 years old.  During her short time with us she was so full of life.  She was the happiest little girl I've ever seen, always smiling, laughing and singing.  Melissa never met a stranger, and brightened everyone’s day with a hug.  She was a twin, one of the oldest of 5.  We have a big family and she loved every one of us will all of her heart.  Every single time one of her loved ones walked into a room her big blue eyes would light up and shine and she would hug us so tight and demand many high fives. Melissa was beautiful and bursting with energy. 

On April 14, 2010 I brought her to day surgery to have her tonsils and adenoids removed.  I thought nothing of it, simply routine, not a problem.  We did not know Melissa had a clotting disorder, and she passed away later that night.  We were shocked.  When I had to speak with the coroner that evening he told me that LOPA would be calling my home in a few hours.  I knew immediately that it was the right decision to donate her heart.  I wanted to prevent another mother from this pain, and to save another child’s precious life.  After speaking briefly about it with her father we made the decision.  LOPA called in the early morning hours, it was very difficult, but the people with LOPA are very understanding and grateful.  I constantly think about my daughter, who she was and what she could have been, I miss her greatly and the only thing that helps just a little bit is knowing that with her death she saved not one but two children’s lives. 

Melissa greatly impacted everyone in her life.  She taught us all of love, acceptance, patience and understanding.  I know that my sweet Lissa is looking over all of us, laughing and dancing in heaven.