Matthew Trahan

To my brother's recipients,

I have thought about you for over 12 years. I have written this letter so many times, but never sent it.

My name is Jessi. My little brother & only sibling, Matthew, was 17 when he passed away unexpectedly.

He was your donor. I wanted to write you and tell you that whatever gift you received, it was from an awesome, happy, intelligent, outgoing, and hilarious young man. Since losing him, I have: gotten married, graduated from college, buried our mother, had two beautiful daughters, and begun teaching 1st grade at a very small private school. Losing Matt has given me more strength than I could have ever imagined. I take comfort that he and our mother are together, watching over my girls--I see his mischievous smirk in their smiles and it gives me hope for the future. I wanted you to know that he would be honored that his death helped in some way. I pray that you continue on your life's journey in good health and that you honor his memory by living that life to the fullest.

Jessie – Matthew’s sister


June 18, 1982 - November 6,1999.